Chain lubricant

Chain lubricant


High efficiency lubricant and corrosion inhibitor


The polar nature of Chain & Cable Lube’s microcrystalline wax-based solution allows the product to “creep.”  This action causes the lubricant to penetrate into the internal mechanisms of drive chains, sprocket teeth and seats.  CCL   also protects against premature wear between steel cable strands.


  • Drive chains
  • Drag chains
  • Open gears
  • Steel cables


  • Prevents oxidation due to excess humidity, water and high salt content
  • Noise reduction
  • Contains no heavy metals thus preventing arcing when in
    contact with live wires
  • Does not attract dust or airborne contaminants
  • Prevents stretching of drive chains
  • Dielectric rigidity up to 16.5 kV

Technical data sheet

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