Hydrostatic treatment

Multi-1 is a multifunctional hydraulic oil treatment package developed as an aftermarket additive for both high and low pressure hydraulic systems for industrial and mobile applications. It’s designed to provide excellent performance in today’s hydraulic oils. When added to hydraulic oils at recommended treat rates, Multi-1 exhibits durability and retention of performance that extends fluid and equipment life proven in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Gear oil treatment

Lubri-Lab’s GEAR extreme pressure treatment for metals is a product with an innovative formula conceived to reduce friction and noise in the following parts; transmission system, differential, differential housing and power steering. Thermally stable – minimal degradation. Long service life. High film strength – Exceptional EP performance against premature failure.

Engine oil treatment

INTEGRAL 7 anti-friction formula forms a molecular film which reduces friction, heat and wear. INTEGRAL 7 prevent the formation of deposits and eliminate them. The special formulas of friction modifier agents and of organic polar elements adhere to metal. They do not burn up or evaporate at the engine’s stop. INTEGRAL 7 helps to maintain viscosity which prevents the oil from thinning at high temperatures.

Fuel additives

Xtra Diesel is a complete formulation designed to improve ULSD ultra low sulfur diesel. All advantages claimed in this technical data sheet are proven with reliable tests made by recognized laboratories. Xtra Diesel is developed to provide enhanced oxidative and thermal stability in a wide range of distillate fuels. Test show that the dispersion and anti-oxidation agents present in Xtra Diesel increase the fuel stabilization index by 50% or more.

Gas conditioner

Detona+ prevents deposits in the fuel circuit, intake valve and combustion chamber. Which increases motor performance, better starts, provides fuel economy and reduces maintenance costs. Detona+ protects against frosting of the carburetor and freezing gas lines which allows a better movement of the throttle valve and avoids stalling. Detona+ has excellent properties against corrosion of the circuit and especially in the injection system.


Lubri-Lab’s PROCESS D is a unique formula of high quality solvents designed to chemically ensure the cleaning of the internal areas of the engine. PROCESS D cleans the deposits formed on the internal engine parts. It frees the valves which resume their original adjustment. The engine runs more smoothly and with less
wear. Reduces abnormal oil consumption. Prevents obstruction of the lines.

Synthetic gear oil

Biotope-Gear is a non-toxic, fully synthetic gear fluid. Biotope-Gear performs exceptionally well
under extreme heat and cold. Achieves higher viscosity indexes, a very low rate of cavitation and will not create a drag effect on gears. This results in energy savings and improved performance. Biotope-Gear forms a thin protective film over the entire gear which resists wear, prevents unprotected starts and premature breakdown. Biotope-Gear has an increased resistance to oxidation and lasts 3 to 5 times longer than regular oil.