Synthetic gear oil

Biotope-Gear is a non-toxic, fully synthetic gear fluid. Biotope-Gear performs exceptionally well
under extreme heat and cold. Achieves higher viscosity indexes, a very low rate of cavitation and will not create a drag effect on gears. This results in energy savings and improved performance. Biotope-Gear forms a thin protective film over the entire gear which resists wear, prevents unprotected starts and premature breakdown. Biotope-Gear has an increased resistance to oxidation and lasts 3 to 5 times longer than regular oil.

Lubricant barrier fluid

Barrier Fluid Lubricant Against Contaminants
Parts are exposed to difficult environmental conditions. Airborne contaminants circulating in the air come to rest on chains and cables, as well as the shafts of hydraulic cylinders. Anti-wear properties. Prevents premature wear of sprocket seat an teeth. Creates a barrier between parts and contaminants. Antistatic properties.

Chain lubricant

The polar nature of Chain & Cable Lube allows the product to “creep”, penetrating into the internal mechanisms of drive chains, sprocket teeth and seats. CCL also protects against premature wear between steel cable strands. CCL is clear which makes it easier to inspect the wires and has very good adhesive property which
creates a strong protective film. CCL will not washout in fresh or salt water and will not create sheen over the water.

Dielectric lubricant

The unique formula of Lubri-Lab’s PenLub Original is a combination of essential ingredients necessary in order to cleanse, lubricate and protect metal. PenLub Original lubricates sensitive mechanical, electrical and electronic devices. PenLub Original does not attract dust or dirt and does not become oxidized under high temperatures. Its superior anti-corrosive properties permit storage up to one year of large reservoirs, tools, accessories and electrical equipment. Excellent for every general and specialized needs.