Dielectric lubricant

The unique formula of Lubri-Lab’s PenLub Original is a combination of essential ingredients necessary in order to cleanse, lubricate and protect metal. PenLub Original lubricates sensitive mechanical, electrical and electronic devices. PenLub Original does not attract dust or dirt and does not become oxidized under high temperatures. Its superior anti-corrosive properties permit storage up to one year of large reservoirs, tools, accessories and electrical equipment. Excellent for every general and specialized needs.

Calcium sulfonate complex grease

Superior all Purpose Grease
S 350 high performance calcium sulfonate grease is a multipurpose grease suitable for automotive, industrial and marine applications. Excellent shear stability. Resists corrosion and oxidation. Temperature range: from -40°C(-40°F) to +316°C(+600°F). High dropping point. High resistance to water washout, rust, oxidation and heat. Contains NO heavy metals.

Food approved grease

Alimex-1 is distinguished by its exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point and its performance under water washout. Alimex-1 is state-of-the-art high performance grease which has been developed from modified overbased calcium sulfonates complex. This technology, in many ways, outperforms other premium high temperature greases such as Lithium Complex, Aluminum Complex and Polyuria. It is specially designed to be used in all kind of food processing areas including mixing, baking, cooking, frying, stirring, packaging, cleansing, bottling and canning.

Rust remover & passivator

Oxidation Converter / Passivator
Proxilab cleans and removes rust. Proxilab is designed primarily to promote stainless steel’s passive layer which isolates metal from environment and significantly slows corrosion rates. Proxilab removes all contamination made by particles of steel that were encrusted in the stainless steel during the different stages of manufacture.